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When it comes to family law, come to us. We are there to make the changes in your life positive ones.

The breakdown of a relationship can be extremely distressing and leaving you feeling worried about your family’s future. We appreciate that the decision to issue a Divorce Petition is emotionally complex. If you decide to proceed on this basis we will help and guide you through the procedure.

The Divorce Procedure

In the first meeting we will fully explain the divorce procedure and how the court could determine your financial settlement. We provide a large new client information pack. The flow chart is an example of one of our aids to explaining the divorce process.

We also consider that it is appropriate for our clients to consider the advantages of issuing the Divorce Petition:

The Decree Absolute

After the Acknowledgement of Service has been lodged you are responsible for how swiftly you obtain the Decree Absolute of Divorce. A Decree Absolute is the conclusion of your marriage.

The Decree Nisi

In order to obtain a Decree Absolute you must apply for the Decree Nisi. The court will not proceed after you have issued your Divorce petition to the Decree Nisi unless you make the appropriate application. The court will not proceed in any hearing in relation to the finances unless you make the appropriate application. We will issue the Divorce Petition and deal with all the necessary formalities.

The Divorce Petition

The court will charge £550 for issuing your Divorce Petition. If you decide to deal with the Divorce Petition online, we strongly advise you to seek our advice before doing so, to ensure that everything is in order and we will be able to assist you with the subsequent procedure.

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